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Gold Jewellery is the comprehensive web-site that fulfils all your dreams and needs for top quality gold jewellery.

Just feast your eyes on our superbly designed gold jewellery treasures!!

See the Beautiful Jewelry at Diamonds International!

Diamonds InternationalIndeed we pride ourselves on offering a huge range of, not only superbly crafted gold jewellery, but also watches, silver jewellery, beautifully cut diamonds, [including sparkling white diamonds], rich-red  rubies, green emeralds, blue topaz, pearls, opals, amethysts……in fact all sorts of stunningly beautiful, colourful,  precious stones which we have hand-crafted, using experienced craftsmen, and set into the most exquisitely attractive and valuable  items of jewellery.

We then offer them to you, our highly valued customers, at very competitive prices …..representing unbeatable value-for-money!!

All of this is made possible by direct internet shopping, and, globally, through our extensive chain of  over 125 jewellery shops in many duty free  ports and cities  around the world.

This is why we have  tens of thousands of faithful, satisfied customers, who return to us, time after time, on their special occasions.

We have a particularly prominent presence all over the sun-soaked islands of the relaxing Caribbean.

Anyone who has cruised or visited that wonderful part of the world, will have seen our busy, well-stocked jewellery shops on  most of those lovely palm-fringed islands.

Of course, our American friends refer to “gold jewellery”, as “gold jewelry”!

We  even see gold jewellery referred to as “gold jewellry” on occasion, but, whatever the spelling, the gold is of the same genuine high quality…….all superbly hand-crafted by exclusive designers into wonderful, extremely beautiful jewelry.

Exquisite pieces, by the following big-name designers, are  available from us, both on this web-site, and in our many shops:-

  • De Hago
  • The Eighty Eight
  • Edward Mirell
  • John Atenco
  • Honora
  • Asher
  • Oliva; Bijou
  • Morris and David
  • Bentelli
  • MarahLago
  • Yvel
  • and others.

We offer you  a fantastic choice of rings; necklaces; earrings; pendants; bracelets and watches from all these world-famous designers.

Our superb jewelry items are crafted from the following beautiful gemstones, jewels and semiprecious stones ………..    Diamond; Emerald; Ruby; Sapphire; Tanzanite; Amethyst; Aquamarine; Blue Topaz; Citrine; Opal; Garnet; Pearl; Peridot.

Then, the precious metals we use, include ….. Platinum; Yellow gold; White gold; Sterling Silver; Titanium and Tungsten.

Just feast your eyes on the sheer  beauty of the high quality, sparkling jewellery/jewelry treasures on this web-site!!

It is jeweling of the very highest order!!

The ladies really LOVE  this web-site!!!  Of course, as all men know, ……it is always best to keep the ladies happy!!

As they say…… are a girl’s best friend!!!
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